Hairstyles for long faces

Hairstyles for long faces

Hair carries on an essential role in our overall personality if you are willing to make the look perfect and astonishing and picture-perfect on the occasion or event, you need to get the finest hairstyle that can help you to do so.

Hairstyles are suitable according to the face structure, so you need to be considerate about the look of your hairstyles.

Especially when deciding on hairstyles for long faces, you need to get those hairstyles that are not subtle but remain some bounce in the hair.

In this article, we are providing you the listing of the top 3hairstyles that you can try for the long faces. If you also often struggle with the hairstyling for long faces, then you can be considerate about the hairstyles mentioned below:

Open curls

Open curls or semi curls are the best options to go along with as these can make your hair look bouncy and fuller and allowing your face not to look too long. In this way, this is one of the best alternatives that you can choose for weddings, brunches, and dates.

Semi tied hair

You should practice this hairstyle quite often; you can choose a haircut for long face shapes that have some finches and again give your face a cute teenage look without making it look extensively long.

Bun with fleeced hair

Buns are never out of style; you can try for a not messy look bun with some fleeced open. They are allowing you to have a clean and sober look with a touch of elegance. It will also provide variety to your hair cut. Keeping your hair always open or tied can be boring, so you should be trying haircuts for women with long faces to look fab.

Bonus tip

When you are styling your hair, make sure your hair is clean and oil-free. If you practice these hairstyles in the oily scalp, then you might get the clean and finished look.


From the above-mentioned details, we have concluded that good hairstyles can save your look significantly only if you get them according to your face structure.

If you also struggle with long face hairstyling, then you can also be considerate about the hairstyles mentioned above in the article. All of them are easy to do and fine-looking hairstyles that can help you to stay in the limelight in every occasion or event. We hope you find these hairstyling tips and styles useful.