Things to do to maintain your makeup and hair when it is rainy

Things to do to maintain your makeup and hair when it is rainy

Keeping your hair and makeup looking good on the rainy days will be little difficult one. There you need to do some of the things to maintain your hair and makeup stay long.

During the rainy season take care of your skin and hair with special care to make them keep good looking. While the rainy seasons it is easy to get the skin infection and hair dandruff easily so maintain hair and skin effectively and you can make use of some of the beauty products to make them look stunning. Try to wear your hair on rainy a day for this you can put the ponytail.

Here are the certain things you can follow to maintain your hairstyles for rainy humid days with makeup.

Normal get over

You can do the simple makeup and tying up your hair when it’s raining. It will make you stop worrying from the downpour of makeup. At the same time when you get wet with your makeup, it will give you the ugly look with the makeup downpour. So it is better to look better with the simple makeup.


Straighten your hair

If it is tough to tie up your hair you can make your hair straight and leave them and by straightening it don’t have the natural wavy look that spoils the look of the hair. After the complete drying up of the hair wrap it up with the anti-humidity spray and it will give you the good rainy day hair look.

Avoid powder and eyeliner

While getting out at the rainy days you can just blush your face with the cream and avoid making use of the powder and go out with the natural eyes. It will give you the best compliments to your face as well as to your eyes. But this you can prevent makeup downpour.

makeup and hairUse moisturizer

During the rainy days other than anything you can make use of the moisturizer it can give you the good look. Set everything with the spray so that it will help you to keep your look in place.

There is nothing to be worried about if the weather turns bad. With the little effort, you can make your look of hair and makeup great on even the rainiest of days. When you need makeup on rainy days there, you can make use of the waterproof makeup items to maintain your look.